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August-September 2019

It’s been an incredible summer of travel, exploration, lectures as well as visits to old places, where I had new experiences.

When University of Rochester asked me to be their Scholar in Residence for their Eastern European trip, I knew it would be a good experience. I did not imagine what a great experience it would be! We traveled to Poland (Warsaw, Krakow and Auschwitz), to Hungary (Budapest), to Austria (Vienna) and to the Czech Republic (Prague). In each location, I delivered lectures on subjects as varied as the sweep of the Austro-Hungarian Empire to topics as specific as the early life of Raoul Wallenberg, which set the pattern for his courageous wartime actions. In addition to the incredible places we visited, I was accompanied by a group of intelligent, interesting and terrific travelers, who were all connected to the University of Rochester. It was a memorable experience with wonderful people visiting incredibly interesting places.

Here is the University of Rochester alumni group outside the iconic watchtower at Auschwitz-Birkenau

Cemetery at Terezin, considered a ‘Model Camp’ (outside of Prague)

Joyce Donsky, tour participant (and close friend), placing pebble at the Raoul Wallenberg memorial in Budapest

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