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September 2009

Becca's Wedding

New beginnings. The year past. A time for taking stock – not only of who we are, but of who we may yet be. Not only of what we’ve accomplished, but of where we are going.

There have been big events in our family – one daughter getting married, one returning to Israel for continued studies. And there have been big events in our country.

When I think of the bounty in my life, I want to thank you for your encouragement and support. As this Jewish New Year begins, I wish for you the fulfillment of the deepest wishes of your heart – but only those, as my mom used to say, “only those that are good for you.” Let me close with both my deepest wishes for your happiness and health and also a little giggle – see the few seconds of u-tube below.

I hope that this year will bring a cessation of turmoil and stress in your life (and in our country) or at least a reduction – and hope that if we all work together, and individually – we will bring more peace to our world, more peace to our lives. And I hope this is the year that we each find the thing that we need most.

And now a little giggle – we can always use a little giggle.

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