Spring 2019 – May/June

It’s been a momentous spring!

First, the astounding Auschwitz exhibit, titled “Not Far Away, Not Long Ago” made its American premiere this May at the Museum of Jewish Heritage: A Living Memorial to the Holocaust in Battery Park, New York City.

When it premiered in Madrid, it had to be extended two more times because of capacity crowds. Now it has arrived in the United States and the crowds—many days of sold out tickets—promises to be a tremendous run here as well. Do reserve tickets in advance in order to be guaranteed admittance. It’s an exhibit not to be missed! I’ve seen more in this superb exhibit than in all my trips to Auschwitz combined!

We feel incredibly honored to have a section in the Auschwitz exhibit (see below), titled ‘The Lost World of the Victims’, featuring photos from our film, traveling photo exhibition and book (The Last Album: Eyes from the Ashes of Auschwitz-Birkenau).

Robert Jan van Pelt, one of the world’s foremost Auschwitz experts and principal curator of this extraordinary exhibit, is seen below, at the premiere with Dr. Ruth, Holocaust survivor and renowned sex therapist.

In the fall, I’ll be doing a formal public program at the museum—probably around Kristallnacht—but in all my recent visits there (both at the premiere and since), I have done a number of informal talks in the gallery—for friends, colleagues (like Gale Rosenthal from Stockton) and even strangers, asking questions nearby.

Finally, I was recently privileged to meet the noble son of one of the Holocaust’s greatest heroes, Sugihara—the Japanese diplomat in Vienna who issued travel visas to over 2,000 Jews (against his government’s orders). He is seen here, when we met at the museum, amidst a full audience of people who are alive because of the extraordinary actions of his father! It was a moving and unforgettable evening spent with an ethical, gracious man honoring the memory of his courageous father!!

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