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September 2020-May 2021

In September, Ann Weiss drove to Chicago (12 plus hours) and started teaching a photography course to students at the Bernard Zell School. In this course, which runs through Spring 2021, Ann will teach students about the photos in the Eyes from the Ashes collection—how they were found, how they were saved and their significance. In addition, students will learn how to analyze photos, how to conduct an effective interview, and in this yearlong project, Weiss will also help students curate a contemporary exhibition of their own.

In addition, there is scarcely a day that goes by that Weiss is not involved in one (but usually more) Zoom lectures. For example, yesterday and today, September 29-September 30, 2020 is 79th anniversary of one of the largest massacres of Jews during the Holocaust: 34,000 Jews murdered at Babi Yar in a ravine measuring 45 feet deep and 900 feet long. Although I participated in two Babi Yar lectures in New York and in Illinois, on September 29-30, respectively, it is the 75th year after this massacre that I will never forget, because I was right there in Babi Yar and in Kiev, Ukraine.

In that year, together with my friend and colleague, Dr. Emilie Passow, we led a memorial service on the grounds of Babi Yar, as well as at a number of other murder sites in Ukraine. For those who don’t know, today Babi Yar is the site of a sprawling, lovely park, on the outskirts of Kiev. Although currently, there are discussions about building a memorial and education center, at present, no one but the most knowledgeable person could ever imagine that anything so sinister occurred there. Today it is an obscenely beautiful urban park, where people play ball, picnic and happily stroll.

Sunday June 14, 2020

Join us and 100 other museums and cultural institutions around the world for We Are Here: A Celebration of Resilience, Resistance, and Hope on Sunday, June 14 at 2:00 PM ET.

Featuring award-winning media personalities Whoopi Goldberg, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Adrien Brody, Mayim Bialik, and Jackie Hoffman, world-renowned singers and musicians Renee Fleming, Lea Salonga, Steven Skybell, Joyce DiDonato, and Lang Lang, and other public figures from all walks of life, the free 90-minute program will commemorate the recent anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and project a message of hope amidst the crises we face. Find more info and tune in to view the program.

Thursday April 30, 2020 – Ann Weiss will give keynote speech at the Brotherhood Alliance Annual Dinner, Williamsport. PA (from 6-9 pm).

NOTE: This event cannot take place now, as scheduled, because of covid-19.


Ordinarily, this section would inform you of speeches and exhibits and other opportunities for us to meet, or events you can attend where I am keynoting or participating. However, these are not ordinary times.

Of course, my Yom Hashoah presentations and other speeches have been canceled or postponed, so I am very sorry not to be able to meet with you personally. However, because this week is Yom Hashoah, there are a number of meaningful events and commemorations that I’d like to share with you here, immediately.

Although virtually every community has its own Yom Hashoah commemoration, I am highlighting only a few for special consideration:

[Note: By clicking the links below, you have the opportunity to register for any of these free events]

1-This consortium of Holocaust museums and Holocaust organizations has a link that, in addition to the traditional memorial service and lighting 6 candles in memory of the 6 million, this one also gives you access to a superb film by #Roberta Grossman, ‘Who Will Write Our History?’ based on the excellent book of the same title by #Samuel Kassow. By clicking below, you will be able to participate in this Yom Hashoah service and also to view this superb film.


2- Although there are city-wide commemorations throughout the country and throughout the world, I wanted to particularly highlight the one in Pittsburgh as well as the Yom Hashoah article, written by Lauren Bairnsfather, published in the Times of Israel. Lauren is the Director of the Pittsburgh Holocaust Center and after the Tree of Life murders, she was called upon, again and again, to help the Pittsburgh community heal. It is for that reason that I have chosen to spotlight Pittsburgh’s Yom Hashoah service, Sunday April 19 at noon.

Holocaust Rememberance Goes Virtual Article

Yom Hashoah Event Link

3-In his website, Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks regularly offers a thought-provoking dialogues and reflections for the week. This week, in association with Yom Hashoah and with the Holocaust Education Trust in Great Britain, he presents a series of video reflections and dialogues on the Holocaust. To hear any (or all) of his 19 video clips on, as he puts it, the “biggest spiritual and ethical questions posed by the Holocaust” (including: Where was G-d? Where was Humanity? How has the Holocaust impacted my own faith? What is the place of the Holocaust in 21st century Jewish identity?), please click here: RABBI SACK’S HOLOCAUST EDUCATION WEBSITE

Click the image below for a message from Rabbi Sacks

Monday January 27, 2020 in New York City:

Ann Weiss will attend the United Nations General Assembly ceremony to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz.

At a presentation at the UN, the personal photos that Jews carried to Auschwitz, which form the basis of Ann Weiss’ book, traveling exhibition and film montage, will be highlighted in a special lecture.

Weiss will continue to commemorate the 75th anniversary with a lecture at the museum, delivered by Robert Jan van Pelt, Chief Curator of the massive Auschwitz exhibition, titled “Not Long Ago, Not Far Away”, in which he explains how this unique exhibit was created and organized. Note: Weiss’ photos are included in this monumental exhibition.

Finally, the 75th Anniversary of Auschwitz’ Liberation concludes with a concert by Yitzhak Perlman, which Weiss is grateful to attend.

January 11-14, 2020, Weiss participates in Association of Golocaust Organizations Winter Seminar, Washington DC

Thursday November 7, 2019, Weiss delivers speech and film screening at the Museum of Jewish Heritage, in conjunction with Kristallnacht. The museum is located at 36 Battery Park in New York City.

August 27-September 11, 2019 in Krakow, Warsaw, Prague, Budapest and Vienna. Ann Weiss will lead a trip through Eastern Europe, for alumni and friends of the University of Rochester—see details below. If someone who is not associated with U of R is interested in joining us, please contact Cory Dagan at corinne.dagen@rochester.edu to see if there are still spots available.

Whether you’re seeking to recapture your ancestral heritage or simply wish to discover a beautiful and poignant part of the world, join us August 27 to September 11 for this small group tour through Eastern Europe. Both leisurely and comprehensive, it provides a generous overview of five distinctly different—and fascinating—cities including Warsaw, Krakow, Budapest, Vienna, and Prague with the option to end this incredible journey in Berlin. Register today!

June 1-3, 2019 in Skokie, Illinois.
Weiss will participate in the annual conference of the Association of Holocaust Organizations, sponsored by the Illinois Holocaust Museum.

May 8, 2019 — January 3, 2020 New Exhibition opens at Museum of Jewish Heritage in Battery Park, New York, titled: “Auschwitz—Not Far Away, Not Long Ago” has just opened in America. This extraordinary exhibition features over 700 artifacts, never seen outside Auschwitz before. It also includes a section of photos from my book, featuring life before they became victims. See photos and further details in Author’s Blog, May-June 2019.

April 30, 2019 in Dresher, PA.
Weiss delivers Yom Hashoah speech at Temple Sinai on Limekiln Pike, for students and adults in the community.

January 2019 in Charleston, South Carolina
Weiss participates in the Winter Seminar of Association of Holocaust Organizations, including special meetings with museum directors of international institutions like the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, as well as professors and Holocaust museum directors in the United States.

Tuesday November 20, 2018 6-8 pm
Ann Weiss will speak at Greenwich Village at the Cornelia Street Cafe, with Robin Hirsch, Minister of Culture/Owner and Janet Kirchheimer, in a belated Kristallnach program.

The Cornelia Street Cafe
29 Cornelia Street
Greenwich Village, NY 10014

Explore the world with the
University of Rochester Travel Club!


August 27-September 11, 2019



Dr. Ann Weiss ’71

Ann Weiss is a director, producer, photojournalist, researcher, filmmaker, public speaker, and teacher. A specialist in Holocaust psychiatry and the daughter of two survivors from Poland, she is a frequent speaker at conferences, museums, and universities around the world. Her book, The Last Album: Eyes from the Ashes of Auschwitz-Birkenau, uncovers the previously-unknown personal photos of Jewish deportees. As the founder and executive director of Eyes from the Ashes Educational Foundation, she uses the past to work toward creating a better future. Weiss earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Rochester, two graduate degrees from Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School for Communications, and her doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania. Above all, she listens to stories told by survivors, often spoken out loud for the first time, and shares them with audiences worldwide.

Whether you’re seeking to recapture your ancestral heritage or simply wish to discover a beautiful and poignant part of the world, this small group tour offers ample opportunity for enrichment, enlightenment, and enjoyment. Both leisurely and comprehensive, it provides a generous overview of four distinctly different–and fascinating–nations.

For further information, contact
Corine Dagan ’03
Associate Director Alumni Relations
Director, University of Rochester Travel Club



When Ann Weiss was in Krakow in July, she presented her book The Last Album
to the Galicia Jewish Museum. Here is what they wrote in their September 2018 Newsletter:


Dr. Ann Weiss presented The Last Album: Eyes from the Ashes of Auschwitz-Birkenau to our library when she came to Krakow to speak and attend memorial services, August 2018, on the 75th Anniversary of the deportation of Zaglebie Jews.

The Last Album: Eyes from the Ashes of Auschwitz Birkenau, written by Dr. Weiss, features the personal photos carried by Jews deported to Auschwitz-Birkenau in August 1943, when they believed they were going to be worked, not murdered. Unlike most photos associated with the Shoah, this book by Ann Weiss features how they LIVED, not how they died.

As far as anyone knows, these are the only photos of a whole transport to survive. They were hidden by members of the Jewish Underground.

We would like to express our gratitude.

Jakub Nowakowski
Galicia Jewish Museum Director

ul. Dajwór 18, 31-052 Kraków
(+48) 12 421 68 42


June-October 2017
Exhibition – ‘Evidence’ at Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada

When a Holocaust survivor of Auschwitz complained that “There is no human face in this ‘Evidence’ exhibit”, created by renowned Auschwitz expert, Robert Jan Van Pelt, a compromise was reached: an extra room was added to the exhibit which features photos from The Last Album: Eyes from the Ashes of Auschwitz-Birkenau. This exhibit of artifacts and evidence now exists ‘with the human face’ added of individuals whose photos are featured in Weiss’ work, photos that were carried to Auschwitz when their owners were deported there.

June 2017
Tremendously informative presentations were given by (especially) senior Holocaust scholars, including child psychiatrist-child survivor Robert Krell (Vancouver), Robert Jan van Pelt, architect and Auschwitz expert (Toronto) and John Roth, professor emeritus and prolific author presented a “Play in Three Acts” (Seattle). Their presentations, together with those of lesser
known scholars, were of significant value to the participants, as was the opportunity to informally discuss matters of common interest.

March 2017
Work in Israel – continue research with survivors.

March 2017
Florida – continue interviews with survivors.

January 2017
World War II Museum — Holocaust Winter Seminar in New Orleans, Louisiana — As a result of this seminar, personnel at the WWII Museum and Weiss are in discussions regarding interesting joint educational projects

March 7, 2015
White Plains, NY — Bes Am Shalom – Shabbat Scholar’s Speech.

March 15, 2015
Philadelphia, PA — Holocaust Scholar’s Conference – Think Tank Participation.

April 16, 2015
April 16 — Washington, DC — Yom Hashoah National Commemoration at Unites States Capital, flags of liberating armies, with French Ambassador, Cory Booker, Abe Foxman and USHMM Holocaust Survivors.

June 13-16, 2015
Las Vegas, NV — Association of Holocaust Organizations, Annual Conference.

August 13-14, 2015
Pittsburgh, PA — Pennsylvania Educator’s Summit, by invitation only, to plan future Holocaust educational initiatives for the state.

Monday January 26, 2015
Keynote Speech—7:00 pm Brookdale College,
Center for Holocaust, Human Rights and Genocide Education

70th Anniversary of Liberation of Auschwitz Lecture: Photos Found at Auschwitz-Birkenau, the People and Their Stories

765 Newman Springs Rd./ Lincroft, New Jersey 07738
For further information, contact Dale Daniels, Executive Director
ddaniels@brookdalecc.edu 732-224-2045 www.cchange.org

October – November, 2014 PHOTO EXHIBITION & Book Signing
Naples, Florida
The Last Album: Eyes from the Ashes of Auschwitz-Birkenau
Premiere Speech and Opening—Sunday October 12, 2014 – 4pm

Holocaust Museum and Education Center of Southwest Florida
4760 Tamiami Trail North in Naples, Florida 34103
For further information, contact museum at 239-263-9200

Thursday November 6, 2014 at 7:30pm FILM & LECTURE
Toronto, Canada
‘Photos Hitler Never Wanted You to See, and Why They Matter’

Holocaust Education Week at Kehilla Shaarei Torah
2640 Bayview Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M2L 1B7

For further information, call 416-229-2600

Monday January 26, 2015 FILM and LECTURE in commemoration of
70th anniversary of LIBERATION of AUSCHWITZ-BIRKENAU, Jan 1945.

Lincroft, New Jersey

Center for Holocaust, Human Rights & Genocide Education
Brookdale Community College
765 Newman Springs Road
Lincroft, New Jersey 07738

For further information, www.chhange.org
or call 732 224-2074
Dale Daniels, Executive Director

Sunday April 27 Weiss will deliver YOM HASHOAH KEYNOTE presentation for city of CALGARY, ALBERTA CANADA at 7:30 pm, which is sponsored by the Calgary Jewish Federation. In addition, the names of children who perished will be remembered, with a special yarzheit ceremony.

For further information, please contact Director of Human Rights and Holocaust Education, Ilana Krygier Lapides, at ikrygierlapides@jewishcalgary.org

Sunday March 16, 2014, 4 pm – Keynote at opening plenary of conference, titled: THE HOLOCAUST IN HUNGARY, 70 YEARS ON: NEW PERSPECTIVES at Floida Gulf Coast University, Ft. Myers, Florida.

Weiss will share a visual and historical comparison between The Auschwitz Album (which features devastating photos of the deportation and destruction of Hungarian Jews in 1944) and her own book, The Last Album: Eyes from the Ashes of Auschwitz-Birkenau (which features personal photos of pre-war Jewish life, which were carried into Auschwitz-Birkenau in 1943). The difference is both striking, and heartbreaking.

Feb/March 2014 (date being resecheduled due to snow day on 2-13-14) at Barrack Hebrew Academy, Bryn Mawr, PA.

Whole school assembly so student can see the photos Hitler never wanted anyone to see, and hear the story of these photos were saved by members of the Jewish Underground at Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Student questions and follow-up with student interest clubs will conclude the program. This presentation is in honor of Senior Jack Kolansky, who interviewed Weiss and made a film about her work when a student at Saligman Middle School.

Tues Feb 18, 2014M – Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA 6:30-9:00 pm

Ann Weiss will teach Professor Brett Burchette’s Sports Management class, highlighting non-profit management techniques, as well as details the genesis of Eyes from the Ashes Educational Non-Profit Foundation. In addition to the lecture, students will have an opportunity to develop marketing and fund-raising strategies for a real non-profit foundation.

January 27, 2014 Royal Palm High School–in honor of World Holocaust Day
Teaching students, grades 9-12, with personalized stories about similarly aged teenagers featured in the Eyes from the Ashes photo collection. [Classes taught during the day]

Public lecture, commemorating the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau in 1945, screening film and sharing narratives of the people in ‘Eyes from the Ashes’ photo collection.

January 12-14, 2014 Holocaust Winter Seminar in Washington, DC–featuring Alexandra Zapruder (granddaughter of Abraham) on digitizing teenagers’ Holocaust memoirs, featured in Salvaged Pages.

January 20-March 2014 Traveling photo exhibition in Palm Beach School District.
These ‘Eyes from the Ashes’ photos will be mounted in several schools, beginning in Royal Palm High School, 10600 Okeechobee Blvd., Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411.

There will be private school related presentations especially for school district personnel and students.

Monday January 27, 2014 at 7pm –Community wide keynote for the public at Royal Palm High School (10600 Okeechobee Blvd in Royal Palm Beach, Florida). For further information, please contact Darrell Schwartz 561-389-7750 or Maureen Carter, Holocaust Studies Palm Beach School District Supervisor at 561-289-5612.

SPRING 2014 PRISM (Journal) –Article published by Ann Weiss featuring memories from the unpublished memoir of Lunia Gartner Backenroth Weiss, entitled: “Memories of Cheses/Compassion:What Remains When the People are Gone.”

March 16-18, 2014 Conference: The Holocaust in Hungary Seventy Years On Sponsored by Florida Gulf Coast University in Ft. Myers, Florida (near Sarasota)

Sunday March 16, 2014 – Keynote Plenary by Ann Weiss – “The Auschwtiz Album and The Last Album: Eyes from the Ashes of Auschwitz-Birkenau: A Comparison.”

July 2014 Yad Vashem conference in Jerusalem, Israel and Ghetto Fighter’s House Education Conference in Haifa, Israel

August 18-25, 2013 Research, Teaching and Memorial Mission in the Ukraine with delegation of Holocaust scholars, descendants of families from the Ukraine.

I was invited to participate because organizer, Joel Susel of Denver, whose family came from the Ukraine, learned about me through my book and my Holocaust research. Our delegation will be meeting with Holocaust experts from the region who direct the Ukrainian Jewish Museum in Kiev, as well as museum directors and scholars smaller towns and villages. There will be memorial services, research exchanges and a pilot exhibition project to be replicated, in the future, throughout the Ukraine, in order to share for the first time, personal photos and stories of Jews who exist no more.

For me, this trip has extra resonance because much of my own family was murdered in these pits in the Ukraine. To tell their story in the country where they once lived and flourished, and were then ‘erased’ without even a grave to mark the place, feels like a mission that goes far beyond the Holocaust research I usually do. And to add yet one more layer to this journey: 2013 is the 18th year since the death of my mom, Lunia Backenroth Gartner Weiss, in 1995. In this ‘chai‘ year, I will be reading from her private memoir–both the stories of how her family lived, and how her family died–in the Ukraine where it all happened.

May all their memories be for a blessing.

October 9-18, 2013 – Holocaust conference in Harbin, China

June 19-22, 2013 – Presentation at International Association of Genocide Scholars, “Memory of Humanity in the face of Inhumanity: Excerpt Private Memoir of Athalie Backenroth Gartner Weiss of Stryj and Schodnica, Poland” in Siena, Italy.

May 2, 2013 – United Nations Holocaust Educators’ Seminar, 9:30 am- 5:30 pm, United Nations Headquarters, New York, New York.

April 8, 2013 – Yom Hashoah Presentation of Holocaust Stories, 7-9 pm, “Emanuel–Saving Lives through Poetry and Courage”, Penn Valley, PA Congregation Beth Am Israel.

February 2013 — Limmud Conference, East Brunswick, NJ.

March 2013 — Annual Scholars Conference.

June 2013 — Association for Holocaust Organization Annual Conference, Austin, Texas.

June 2013 — Preventing Genocide Conference, Sienna, Italy.

June 2013 — Association of Jewish Studies, Jerusalem Israel.

July 2013 — Yad Vashem Conference, Jerusalem, Israel.

January 7-9, 2013 — Participation in Steven Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation conference at USC, ‘Testimony, Prevention, Access and Education for the Twenty-First Century.’

November 18, 2012-March 15, 2013 Photo Exhibition in Detroit. Premiere speech and reception at Holocaust Memorial Center at Zekelman Family Campus on Sunday December 2, 2012 at 7pm, 28123 Orchard Lake Rd. in Farmington Hills, Michigan 48334. For further information, contact Rebecca Swindler, Education Director at 248-553-2400 x 13.

Nov 2-Nov 10, 2012 Ann Weiss will participate in international conference in Berlin and Vienna, under the auspices of Association of Holocaust Organizations, which will include Berlin’s famed Topography of Terror.

June 17-12, 2012 Participate in International Educator’s conference in Jerusalem, sponsored by Yad Vashem. Special presentation on “Women and Girls in the Shoah–an Inside Perspective” — This is a completely new approach, created expressly for international educators to engage middle school, high school and university students.

June 1-5, 2012 Participate in annual Association of Holocaust Organizations conference in Detroit, Michigan

May 30, 2012 Participate in honoring Reb Zalman Schechter-Shalomi at Central Synagogue in NYC in first ‘If Not Now, When?” Ceremony.

May 20, 2012 Speech in NYC for Child Survivors of the Holocaust at Park East Synagogue, 2 p.m. 164 E.68th St (between Lex and 3rd).

May 4, 2012 Drexel University presents ‘Service to Community’ Award to Weiss, for doing work that has most benefited the community. Award presented by President John Fry, followed by Gala.

April 18-19 Participated in Yom Hashoah in Jerusalem, Israel with Yad Vashem.

Highlights of 2012:

**Honoring memory of Holocaust at the United Nations (January 25-27, 2012)

**Jerusalem during Holocaust Remembrance Day in April

***May 2012–Ann Weiss awarded Alumni of the Year who did most to help the Community

**June 2012–Popular Culture and Historical Memory–Michigan conference

**June 2012–Yad Vashem Jerusalem International Educators’ Conference

**October 2012–Speech at Carlton College, Ottawa, CANADA

**November 2012–International Conference in Vienna and Berlin, Association of Holocaust Organizations

**November 2012-March 2013 Eyes from the Ashes Traveling Exhibition will be on display in Detroit at the Holocaust Memorial Center/Zekelman Family Campus on 28123 Orchard Lake Road in Farmington Hills, Michigan.
Community presentation by Ann Weiss will take place on Sunday Dec. 2, 2012 7p.m. with follow-up programs to be scheduled with students and community groups. For programming information or to make arrangements, contact Rebecca Swindler at 248-553-2400 x 13

Monday, November 14th 2011 — BATES COLLEGE
Intercultural Studies presents Ann Weiss sharing photos, narratives, meaning.
Lewiston, Maine at 7 P.M.

November 8 at 7p.m. BUCKNELL UNIVERSITY

On the eve of Kristallnacht, 73 years later, Weiss shares photos and stories of Jews deported to Auschwitz-Birkenau. Film Screening, talk and book signing–sponsored by the Berelson Center–will take place at Trout Auditorium in LITERATURE Building. For further information, contact Linda Godfrey (570) 577-3677 or lgodfrey@bucknell.edu.

TALK and FILM-October 22 University of Rochester MELIORA WEEKEND, 3:30.
Following presentations by Bill Clinton and Antonin Scalia, Weiss will give a talk featuring photos from LAST ALBUM exhibition, film screening, and book talk. The focus of the talk will be “What They Still Teach Us–Life, Family, Society and What Matters” This talk is part of Meliora Weekend, sponsored by Alumni Affairs.

TALK-October 21 University of Rochester, 8 p.m.
Weiss will share stories about pre-war Eastern European life of Jews, particularly highlighting specific family stories dealing with Sabbath (‘shabbat’–Hebrew, or ‘shabbes’–Yiddish), culture, practice and society. The stories are personal and their message, universal.

PHOTO EXHIBITION–September 20-October 30, 2011 — Rochester, NY
The Last Album will be on exhibit at University of Rochester, Rochester, NY in the symbolic heart of the campus, Rush Rhees Library. Weiss will give a walking tour, and several presentations during Meliora Weekend in October 2011.

University of Rochester

Small Exhibition at Marcus (Atlanta) JCC — Held over by popular demand until August 2011 (January-August).

Large Exhibition at Downtown Initiative of the Visual Arts (DIVA) – Held over by popular demand until August 2011 (April-August).

Friday October 23, 2011 University of Rochester’s MELIORA WEEKEND
Presentation at Interfaith Chapel 8 p.m. overlooking Genessee River.

Saturday October 24, 2011 – University of Rochester at Rush Rhees Library main library – 3:30 p.m. Walking Tour through exhibition mounted at main lobby, followed by film screening and book signing at Hawkins-Carlson Room. Weiss’ follows talk by President Bill Clinton (11 AM) and Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia (1:30 PM).



For more information including a video overview of the exhibit, visit divacenter.org and click on “The Last Album Exhibit”. Or call DIVA at 541.344.3482.

Thursday-Saturday May 5-7, 2011Presentations, Lane Community College and University of Oregon in Eugene Oregon
For further information, contact Kim Vogel 541-513-0885 at cymitri@gmail.com or John Watson at pagebinder@gmail.com

Sunday, May 1, 2:00 PM – Cincinnati Community-Wide Yom Hashoah Ceremony
Ann Weiss will present the keynote presentation.
Sponsored by The Center for Holocaust and Humanity Education, to be held at Mayerson Jewish Community Center.
For further details, contact the Center for Holocaust and Humanity Education, Director Sarah Weiss at (Direct) 513.487.3091 or sweiss@holocaustandhumanity.org www.holocaustandhumanity.org

Monday May 2, 2011 7 p.m. Peace Presentation and Film Screening for the wider Cincinnati Community by Ann Weiss, sponsored by Christian peace group
‘Greater Anderson Promotes Peace’ to be held at Turpin High School.

For further details, contact The Center for Holocaust and Humanity Education, Director Sarah Weiss at (Direct) 513.487.3091 or sweiss@holocaustandhumanity.org www.holocaustandhumanity.org

Monday May 2, 2011 High School Forum, presented at Amelia High School, in urban Cincinnati by Ann Weiss, with screening film and sharing narratives.
For further details, contact The Center for Holocaust and Humanity Education, Director Sarah Weiss at (Direct) 513.487.3091 or sweiss@holocaustandhumanity.org www.holocaustandhumanity.org

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