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November-December 2019

This season has been marked by a number of events but the most significant of all involves (again) the personal photos found at Auschwitz-Birkenau. I gave a speech in November in NYC at the Museum of Jewish Heritage, in conjunction with Kristallnacht. There I highlighted the discovery of personal photos found at Auschwitz-Birkenau during liberation, and the stories behind the pictures that I’ve researched in the 30+ years since I first saw them.

Ann giving speech at Museum, with Statue of Liberty just out of sight

Currently, the museum is hosting a monumental exhibit titled “Auschwitz: Not Long Ago, Not Far Away”, which first originated in Madrid in 2018. There its 6 month run was extended to a year, because of enormous crowds. Here in New York, the same incredible response to this not-to-be-missed exhibit has caused the same reaction. Just announced: The Museum of Jewish Heritage has just extended the Auschwitz exhibit for another six months; it will now be on view through next summer (it was scheduled to end in January).

Ann with Curator Robert Jan van Pelt, who created (with others) the exhibit ‘Auschwitz: Not Long Ago, Not Far Away’

Spotlight on one pair of red shoes among thousands, that once belonged to Jews gassed in last days of Auschwitz-Birkenau, just before liberation.

Note: There is more on display at this incredible exhibition, curated by Robert Jan van Pelt, than I have seen in all my visits to the actual Auschwitz in Poland! That should be reason enough to get yourself to 36 Battery Park and see it!

I am wishing a Happy Holiday to you and yours,


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